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How do I get in contact with UPC manager/head office?



Short version up here, long version below. 


Internet doesn't work properly and can't get proper help on the phone most of the time (depends on the person if I get or not proper service).Is this month of service offered from UPC considered normal?Haven't heard from a supervisor/manager so far to see what can be done.

Read below to understand better. 


Warning! Boring long story. 


Moved to Krakow recently and chose UPC for internet. We start the story by being  misslead to choose a different package than I needed / asked for by a woman on the phone. Had a cancelled reservation for installation at home without notice and now when it's installed, internet doesn't work all the time. I send emails no reply, I call UPC over and over for help, but I have to pass from one person to another, multiple calls until one is kind enough to put some effort. 


I call UPC a lady answers, I ask for internet with no commitment with flexible dates. She gives me 24 months package with fix phone, TV and Internet. The problem is that she does it without telling me it is fixed contract for 24 months (3 September 15:06) basically trying to trick me... I didn't ask for phone or TV I even said it on the phone i don't want fix phone and she tells me that's how the package is, comes with phone if I want or not... everything should be recorded by UPC. 


Second phone call (4 September 12:31) . Another lady answers telling me I got missled and it's not normal what happened. She suggests me I go online and make myself an appointed and choose the package as well. So I do, 500 MB / 6 months  for Friday same week between 17-19 and left work early on that day to be on time. 


I wait, nobody comes, so I call UPC (6 September 19:33). I call 3 times and everytime they answer they tell me to wait on the phone, because they transfer me to someone else. But they do it intentionally maybe to close phone because that's what happened every time, maybe was too late to do service work ..

4th call that evening they close directly as my phone rings to an assistant / helpdesk ... ( I know that because the waiting music stops and I heard the phone ringing, I think that means I am connected to an operator)


Nothing happends that day so next dayI call again. I think Katarzyna answers again (the one that helped me get out of the 24 months contract by cancelling it and advising to make online appointment). Katarzyna makes and appointment 12 September for 19-21 for installation.

One hour passed  after 19 on installation day so I call to see if someone comes. First phone calls again, closed phone in face when it rings, sent from one operator to another...until I get Katarzyna again, she helps/checks if someone is coming and in the end close to 21 the installation comes and finishes work late after 21(I give the guy a tip, felt bad for him staying after his work hours) and I got Internet home, right?


Wrong, next day the internet stops working. Friday 13 Sep, no Internet. Calling UPC, again I wait in queue with the song, connected to helpdesk then transfered agian, waiting again with song on phone, transfered a third time, then AAAGAIN tranfered finally a very nice guy answered and helped me for 20-30 minutes. He said literally that someone disconected me from the internet... I was  speechless.


Monday 16 September, agian no Internet at home. I call UPC. Transfered again , waiting song, one time the phone closed while ringing. Finally after many tens of minutes a guy from tehnical help tells me that everything is fine and the only thing he can do is to tell me to hard reset router and if it doesn't work call again UPC. I told him it won't work (No Service and sign in to account) errors aren't solved by hardreset. He says just call again if it doesn't work.

Of course, reseting doesn't work and I call again, I wait in queue once more, but I don't have to wait as much as before. A really nice guy answers and tells me the tehnical issues of the infrastructure that is happening that Monday, what can be done, some aproximate times when it can be fixed. An tells me that I shouldn't call again he will send me message when everything is fixed all I have to do is wait. What a nice guy! Why is such a big difference between first and second operator?


Spending  many hours on the phone with UPC after work, spending between 50-100 Zloty on phone credit top-up to call and paying a full price for UPC services... This doesn't sound right to me...

Thanks if you reached this far! Let me know what you think.


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Re: How do I get in contact with UPC manager/head office?

Hi Greenlace,

I’ve just read your short/long story and there’s one sentence on my mind that describes your situation… OMG.


I’m very sorry that You’ve been exposed for that many inconveniences and Your adventure with UPC not begun as we all should expect .

Making long story short, as soon You’ll answer for our few questions in private message we’ll contact with our engineers to check out and fix Your issues.

Finally I’ll request for an internal control to find a real cause of your extended customer service and to protect other customers against similar problems.


I hope that it's just bad start of a good relations between You and UPC